So my friend had a bike shop that used to be a Peugeot shop, 25 years earlier, when he was closing the shop and throwing everything in the trash ,I was trying to save things. I don't even know what this stuff is . the boxes are really worn but the parts look like they have never been used. so maybe someone could use this stuff. picture 2 ( the black thingy ) says mixo made in France. type 2 GPO 12 volt and the box says6249 04 , and in marker 655527 but I don't even know if it goes to this box. the silver thing says cartier clignoteur 12 volt ref 01 213 42/84w made in France brevette sgdg then there is a bag of white things, don't even know if they're for a car or not but you can have them too to throw at your friends . Sorry, no returns, look at the pictures and know what your buying. Cause I don't. I just know this has been sitting on a shelf for at least 30 years.

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“New old stock worn boxes, parts not used.”
Brand: Peugeot