eBay Ultimatechip SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER MENU ITEMS FOR SALE FEEDBACK VISIT SHOP CONTACT FORM Up to 30% increase in power By installing Ultiamatechip Centel you will physically feel the additional power. The car’s reaction will be swifter, the gear shifting will become more fluent and you will forget about a turbo hole. Ultiamatechip Centel is an electronic device controlled by a fast and efficient microprocessor, which is easily connected to the OBD II diagnostic socket. It increases the efficiency and reduces fuel consumption in your car in a safe way.
Principle of operation
After being connected to OBD II socket, Ultiamatechip Centel continuously modifies information about boost pressure, fuel injection dose, injection time and ignition curve. The device does not overwrite the original car map so that it does not leave any traces of external interference. What is more, after disconnecting it the car returns to its original set-up. Thanks to that, it is ideal for people who worry about warranty loss. Increase in engine output up to 30% Increase in maximum speed up to 10% Decrease in turbolag Torque boost up to 20% Better acceleration Decrease in fuel consumption up to 15% The device is to be assembled in the car interior, with the use of a standard diagnostic OBD II connection.
Each device is supplemented with a manual.
1. Find the connection spot. 2. Connect the device
with the cable. 3. Connect the device with the use
of cable to the diagnostic port. 4. Insert the car key and place
it in the ignition position. 5. Press reset and keep pressing
for about 30 seconds. 6. Start the engine. Our device
VS Chiptuning Substantially less expensive than chiptuning. You can easily assemble and disassemble it. You can do it yourself, without specialist help. You can use it in another car. It adjusts to the actual car’s wear and tear. After disassembling the original manufacturer’s parameters are restored. Our device
VS other devices Easier to assemble. The assembling takes place within the car interior, and not within the bonnet. Alternates many parameters of many sensors at the same time. Less prone to failures. You can install it in any car with diagnostic OBD II connection. More efficient and fast thanks to the Atmel 20 MHz processor. FREE DELIVERY
We are the one of the biggest producers and distributors of increasing power and reducing fuel consumption devices all over the world. The company activity includes retail and wholesale sales. The aim of our company is providing services professionally and our determination to satisfy each of our Clients. We keep up with the newest trends, observe the market,continually adjusting our offer to demands and expectations of our business partners. We provide the highest standards of service, advising our Clients about choosing productsand helping them in making good decisions. We also provide complete logistic service and adjust it to individual needs of our contractors. High service standards, product quality control and fulfilling trade commitments promptly make us a proven, reliable and stable business partner. CONTACT US CONTACT FORM Opening hours: 7.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. (CET) PFT Group © 2018 Payment Payment can be done by:
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New Brand: Ultimatechip
Manufacturer Part Number: DCEN