BRAND NEW STARTER SOLENOID FOR FORD, KUBOTA, SUBARU, TOYOTA, & UNIVERSAL MARINE Original Equipment Quality at an Aftermarket Price! Item Specifics OEM(s) Denso Voltage 12 Volts Terminals 3 Terminals Duty Cycle Intermittent Duty Part Numbers Ford D27Z-11390-A Denso 053400-1040, 053400-1260, 053400-1530, 053400-3350, 053400-3410 Subaru 39210-3902, 89210-4122 Suzuki 31220-63210, 31220-73010 Toyota 28150-22011, 28150-24061, 28150-24070, 28150-24071, 28150-25010, 28150-25013, 28150-33020, 28150-34011, 28150-34070, 28150-41011, 28150-60040, 28150-87203 Applications Ford D27Z-11002-A, D27Z-11002-A, D37Z-11002-A, D77Z-11002-A, D77Z-11002-B, D97Z-11002-A, E17Z-11002-B, E17Z-11002-C, E97Z-11002-A Kubota 15201-63011, 15213-63013, 15221-63010, 15221-63014, 15221-63015, 15231-03012, 15321-63015, 15321-63016, 70000-65214, 70000-65421, 70000-65424, 70000-73450, 70000-73500 Mazda 0578-18-400, 0578-18-400A, 3874-18-400, 3876-18-400, 8495-18-400, 8497-18-400 Motorcraft SAE-715, SAE-715A, SAE-716, SAE-716A, SAE-728 Denso 028000-0430, 028000-1370, 028000-1371, 028000-1372, 028000-1621, 028000-1850, 028000-2150, 028000-2151, 028000-2160, 028000-2161, 028000-2220, 028000-2240, 028000-2241, 028000-2360, 028000-2361, 028000-2362, 028000-2363, 028000-2364, 028000-2660, 028000-2661, 028000-2662, 028000-2663, 028000-2664, 028000-2665, 028000-2680, 028000-2681, 028000-2682, 028000-2923, 028000-2970, 028000-3000, 028000-3005, 028000-3006, 028000-3050, 028000-3051, 028000-3052, 028000-3240, 028000-3241, 028000-3241, 028000-3360, 028000-3361, 028000-3420, 028000-3500, 028000-3501, 028000-3610, 028000-3611, 028000-3700, 028000-3710, 028000-3711, 028000-3830, 028000-4060, 028000-4210, 028000-4330, 028000-4331, 028000-4720, 028000-4860, 028000-5220, 028000-5230, 028000-5930, 028000-6090, 028000-6420, 028000-6421, 028000-6422, 028000-6540, 028000-8110, 028000-8120 Subaru 32991-5500, 32991-8700, 32991-8710, 42991-7200, 82991-4110, 82991-4120, 82991-6100, 82991-8600 Towmotor 971685 Toyota 28100-12040, 28100-22010, 28100-22011, 28100-22012, 28100-22020, 28100-22021, 28100-24060, 28100-24070, 28100-24071, 28100-25031, 28100-25032, 28100-33020, 28100-33020, 28100-34011, 28100-34070, 28100-36020, 28100-36050, 28100-36051, 28100-36070, 28100-40060, 28100-40061, 28100-41011, 28100-60010, 28100-60040, 28100-60041, 28100-60042 Universal Marine 298783
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New Manufacturer Part Number: 2990CNC69089D
Warranty: 1 Year Interchange Part Number: 28150-22011, 28150-24061, 28150-24070, 28150-24071
Part Brand: Crank-N-Charge Other Part Number: D27Z-11390-A, 39210-3902, 89210-4122, 31220-63210
Brand: Crank-N-Charge UPC: Does not apply