eBay Set of 6 PureSpark (Iridium Platinum Hybrid) Spark Plugs Model: SKODA SUPERB
Engine: 2.8 V6 (142KW ; 193PS)
Engine Code: AMX; BBG
Year Range: 12/01-03/08
If your vehicle is not listed in the table above please send us a message with your vehicle registration.Type of Plug: Iridium/Platinum Hybrid WE ALSO HAVE TWIN IRIDIUM UPGRADES - 222484318154 Technical Information:
Thread Diameter (mm): 14
Thread Reach (mm): 19
Hex Size (mm): 16
Gap (mm): 1.1 PURESPARK IRIDIUM PLATINUM HYBRID SPARK PLUGSIridium is an extremely hard metallic element with a very high melting point (almost 2,500 °C) which makes Iridium attractive as an electrode material for spark plugs. All PureSpark™ Iridium spark plugs are manufactured with a 0.5mm diameter center electrode, which is extremely fine when compared to a traditional copper spark plug tip. The narrow diameter concentrates the electrical charge and therefore a much lower voltage is required to jump the gap. PureSpark™ spark plugs offer a number of benefits when compared to OEM copper spark plugs.*Less strain on the vehicle ignition system.
*Larger gap than a copper electrode for more efficient combustion.
*Improved throttle response, engine power and MPG.
*Cleaner emissions and long service life.PureSpark™ are also suitable for vehicles with factory fitted Platinum or Iridium spark plugs. Other PureSpark™ spark plugs available. We have 3 different options available in our spark plug range. Single Iridium: With its iridium center electrode this spark plug will match most other Iridium spark plugs available while still at an affordable price. This listing is for Iridium Platinum Hybrid. With its iridium center electrode and a platinum ground electrode. Ideal for long service intervals or an upgrade from standard copper spark plugs. Suitable for classic vehicles or modern vehicles.Twin Iridium:The ultimate spark plug with its iridium center electrode and an Iridium ground electrode. Ideal for long service intervals or an upgrade from standard copper platinum or Iridium spark plugs. Suitable for all vehicles from classic vehicles to high performance modern vehicles.Fitment Info: Before fitting please check that the thread pitch/length and seating type match the spark plug removed from the vehicle. Warranty is limited to a full refund or replacement of the parts and we do not accept claims for labour, any other damage to the vehicle or consequential loss. Before a replacement or refund is isssued the goods will need to be returned to us for testing.Warranty: 3 Year
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New Brand: AMS
Manufacturer Part Number: RTG/SP002IPX6/3170 Placement on Vehicle: Front
Reference OE/OEM Number: NGK: 3764, Ignition engine service, sparkplug replacement set kit