This listing is to purchase my Tesla Model 3 reservation which is ready for configuration TODAY.
Receive your Model 3 in as soon as 2 months.
Order now to be eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit before it runs out! State credit depends on your state of residency.
Delivery estimates:
o 2-4 months for dual motor, all wheel drive Performance (3.5 seconds 0 - 60 miles)
o 3-5 months for dual motor, all wheel drive or rear wheel drive with long range battery + premium interior
o 3-5 months for standard battery
· This reservation was made in March 31st 2016 (preordered before the reveal). It is available to configure and order.
· This price includes the initial $1k reservation down-payment
· There is a $2.5k non-refundable credit card payment due once you’ve completed customizing the car and ready to proceed with the order. At that time you will also put your name & address on the title and registration.
· If you Buy it now:
o I will transfer my Tesla account to your name (change the name, email, password, etc.) - we can do that through email.
o Tesla offers financing or you may secure your own
o VIN# in the listing is for posting purposes only; VIN# will be assigned by Tesla
Once the account name, email, password are transferred to you, you assume all responsibility for configuring, paying the configuration deposit, paying for the car, taking delivery, and driving this awesome car

New Year: 2018
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1HTGLAUT9VH434283 Mileage: 0
Make: Tesla Vehicle Title: Clear
Model: Other