Selling my project car. My neighbor crashed this Acura TL-S a few years ago. He was t-boned at an intersection, the impact was at the front right door hinge. The driver side steering wheel airbag deployed and so did the passenger side curtain air bag as well as the passenger seat airbag. Only those three airbags went off, the passenger side dashboard airbag DID NOT go off. The drivers seatbelt was cut to get him out. At the time of the accident the car was not insured so it was never totaled or paid out, the title is still clean. CLEAN title. I do not know if the accident was reported to car fax or not. The car has approximately 116,000 miles on it. The worst part for him was he owned money on the car. He paid it off before I bought it. The lien has been satisfied, the car has a clean, no lien title.
I did not buy this car to sell, I bought it to keep, so therefor I spent a lot of un-necessary money on the car, and fixed it to mechanical perfection. I take pride in my craft, and it shows. I replaced the front subframe, all of the subframe bushings, both front struts, both front lower control arms, both front lower ball joints, both front upper control arms, both front upper ball joints, the passenger side axle, the steering rack, both front inner and outer tie-rods, the passenger side knuckle. All of the engine and transmission mounts (I believe it was 3 engine mounts and 3 transmission mounts). Both front brake rotors and pads, both rear brake rotors and pads, as well as adjust the emergency brake so it holds nice and tight. I replaced the exhaust gaskets and a few worn out exhaust hangers. I replaced the radiator reservoir because the cap was cracked, as well as the power steering reservoir. I performed a simple engine service - oil, oil filter, power steering fluid flush, and coolant flush with thermostat. The car has a new battery. In addition to the repairs, I painted everything correctly. I did NOT just go crazy with black paint, I used aerosol brake clean and compressed air, followed by scotts-brite pad or sand paper, than more brake clean and finally compressed air, this is the correct way to prep for painting automotive parts. Underneath the car looks awesome. I bought new front wheel bearings but never installed them, these come with the car. The car does not need front wheel bearings, they do not make any noise.
The car runs and drives awesome. I never got the alignment done because I was going to wait until the body work is done, so the steering wheel is off but the car does not pull, which amazes me because I aligned the front tires by eye site only. The engine sounds fine and does not knock or tap, the transmission shifts perfectly. The A/C is cold and the heat is hot. Everything works, the heated seats, sunroof, steering wheel controls, windows, door locks, etc all work correctly. The car is pretty quick, but handles even better. I would say the best part of this car is the way it handles, I am able to take turns very quickly.
I drive the car in this condition, and it has yet to fail me. I would drive it any distance without a worry. The car needs a lot of body work and some interior work. From my understanding of body work, the correct thing to do would be to cut a section of uni-body out and replace it from a donor car, you would cut right below the A-pillar through the rocker panel, weld the replacement in and then replace the door/fender/bumper. If I do not sell the car, I will continue to repair it, I will take the cheaper route though. If I keep the car, I would bring it to a frame shop and have them pull out the unibody, then use shims to hang a new door.
Believe it or not, the passenger front door still opens and shuts fine. Of course, it must be slammed, but it latches correctly, locks and unlocks. Even the window goes up and down (not all of the way because of the massive dent). The rear passenger door is fine. For some reason, somebody plastic-dipped all of the grill and emblems black. I started peeling it off the grill and front emblem - it comes off (somewhat time consuming, but the chrome underneath it is in perfect condition).
The interior needs work - the passenger front seat has a tear from the airbag going off, and the seat bottom has some mold/damage because the door was open for a period of time causing water to get in. The carpet is fine, the body has NO RUST. The driver side has a small tear in it. The headliner has been damaged when the airbag went off. If I keep the car, I was not going to replace the curtain airbag, even though this car came with it, the very similar honda accord did not. I do not believe it is necessary, although that is your choice. The front console is cracked, I think the guy had his hand on the E-Brake because the damage would explain this.
I have a new/used console for the car. It is in perfect condition and is all black. I have a new aftermarket front fender for the car too. I also have every single splash shield / engine cover / interior trim for the car. Some of it is uninstalled, but I have it all. The passenger mirror is FINE. I know this is a big deal because the type-s has a blinker in it, the passenger mirror is not damaged.
The rear tires are very expensive and pretty much new, the front tires are worn but still 45%.
I have another TypeS steering wheel WITH AIRBAG for the car but it is NOT included. If the car brings enough money maybe we can negotiate it in. I paid $1000 for this steering wheel.
All of the dashboard lights are on at this time, but in my professional opinion they just need to be cleared. A hard fault including anything related to the ABS or airbags must be cleared with dealership software, I have not brought the car to the dealership because I was waiting to install the airbags.
The car is absolutely worth saving, or a great race car. I am selling it because I have spent too much money on it. I personally would not make it a race car because it is FWD, and that is not my preference. It gets really good gas millage and is a good daily driver. I have spent about $5000 so far, and it still needs a lot of work, so I am ready to cut my losses. For another couple thousand it could be in great overall condition with a clean title, but my perspective is, I wouldn't buy this car for retail. I bought it because it was cheap, then fell in love with it (briefly). I went balls-to-the-wall and fixed it no expense spared, than realized I don't like the type s that much, like I said, Im not a fan of FWD and its honestly not that fast. I have my eyes on a used Porsche 911. I am prepared to take a loss, the starting bid will buy the car. I hope I don't take a loss though, I have at least 150 hours of labor into the car. Good luck to the next owner! I am not ripping anybody off, if you were able to drive the car blind-folded you would never know it was in an accident. I'm not a Honda guy, but they make GREAT cars, I can't deny that.
I never even washed the exterior. If you wash and buff the car, it will look MUCH better. I totally lost interest to where I don't even want to do anything at all to it.
The car is in Denver. I can drive it a little bit of distance to save you some money or meet you.

“Mechanically great - body and interior need work”
Year: 2007 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 19uua765x7a009692
Mileage: 116,000 Exterior Color: white
Make: Acura Interior Color: white and black
Model: TL Transmission: Automatic
Trim: Type S Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Engine: 3.5 Vehicle Title: Clear
For Sale By: Private Seller