eBay As on the pictures (taken 1/11/19).
Would you like to buy a cared for and updated vehicle or a nice looking, clean record time capsule with fluids which are perhaps 10+ years old and were meant to be changed every 3 years? Not in this one.
We are the second owners. We are both adults 50+ technical people (databases, electrical eng. and such nonsense). This car is well cared for now and was over the years. Very safe and reliable transportation.
When our mechanic purchased this car for us from the IAAI (Insurance Auto Auction) here in NJ some 10 years ago, he had to replace bumper cover, one fender, one directional blinker and both headlights. The hood is original. Later on I was able to contact the original owner who happened to be from the same town and turned to her some paperwork left in the car. In return she gave me the second key, still at her home at the time.
Synthetic oil and filter changes every 3k mi. as Saab 2.3T-s are very sensitive to timely oil changes. Trans oil changes at 60k and 90k ('Toyota Type IV' as these are Toyota made Assin transmissions) etc...
NJ inspection good till 06/2020. NJ title on hand. Registered and insured, driven several times a week.
Recent services (less than 2 weeks ago, less than 300 miles ago): tire rotation, fresh oil and filter change (synthetic 10W40),new spark plugs (NGK Iridium IX), new fuel pump. (Old one was working, but the fuel level indicator would never show full, so not being able to trust the fuel gauge and coming from the aviation background - we replaced the whole contraption. IFR req. that you trust your instruments more than you trust your senses. Then I replaced the floating device on the old pump and saved the pump 'for later'),new ignition cassette, new exhaust ('catback' incl. resonator, pipes and muffler),new serpentine belt tensioner,new valve cover gaskets.coolant flush and refill,water (coolant) pump replacement,crank position sensor replacement,new front transmission mount.heater core valve replacement. Services in the last 2 years: rear engine and transmission mounts,'flex' engine exhaust connector,outer tie rod ends and wheels alignment,full A/C service and complete recharge with fresh oil, new A/C condenser.Trans oil change,Engine synthetic oil changes, Driving headlights bulbs changed to LED's,new battery,new serpentine belt,new radiator core and some hoses,last brake job incl. pads, front rotors and brake fluid flush.main ignition switch under the ignition lock (...a very difficult procedure! Been there, done that. Scratched both hands a lot.) various undercarriage and suspention bushings front struts. A note about services on cars 10+years old: A modern car has about 30,000 parts, counting every part down to the smallest screws. So when looking here and what has been done - ask yourself: when there is a nice looking used car for sale and the description says 'good condition' - what does this really mean? When would the muffler 'fall off the wagon'? When would the ignition coil fail (being constantly cooked on top of the engine) - leaving you stranded and the local shop will be able to get it in a day or two? Certain models have common known faults, like oil sludge in certain Saab's, VW's and Toyota's, high oil consumption in BRAND NEW Subaru's and yet people are buying them by the thousands (including us).
(www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/car-parts-and-accessories/engine-sludge/index.htm )
There is a whole lot of knowledge to be had of what to look for in the specific used car. There are also common issues, like how tight some mechanic tighten lug nuts with a pneumatic wrench, so the tire change on the side of the road becomes impossible...So look beyond pictures. I had four 9-5's over the years and I really know them well. E.g. later Saab's are not as good as older models as the GM was winding down production and cut costs to the point to eventually kill the brand. That's why 2006 and up 9-5's share many parts with 9-3's. In 2007 savings went even further, like eliminating the transmission oil dispstik to save maybe additional $10...etc... So then you buy a NICE car in which in the last 5-10 years nobody checked the stinking transmission oil. And burnt mineral oil does stink! With no dipstick, the cost of changing transmission oil goes up to few hundred dollars so on these cars it often simply is not done. Not here. Done. Since there are no more Saab dealers, no more service bulletins and nobody cares anymmore - it is what it is. Buy at your own risk from someone you have never met and never will see again. Be the proud 'lucky' 7th owner?
TLC means a lot in 10+ year old 30k parts put together on 4 wheels.
Reason for selling: We have four cars for two of us: historic Volvo 244 Turbo, Ford van, new Subaru Forester so the trusty Saab needs new owner. Four cars is at least one too many.We advertise this car locally so pls don't be offended if the listing ends sooner (or later) but before Ebay time runs out.
We will include full size spare AND small size factory spare on the bottom of the trunk. Other spare parts that I always like to have in the trunk are new ignition casette and crank pos. sensor and will include these as well (brand new). This is our 4th Saab 9-5 so I know what I am talking about here. It takes 5 min. and a screwdrvier to replace ignition cassette if the need be but if you have it - you probably won't need it.
Additional notes:I recently sold our other Saab 9-5 (pls check the feedback, the link should still be there) and learned that these cars have a strong followig and lots of very technical and knowledgable people who already know many details. BUT... pls, pls do not try to buy this vehicle by way of correspondence alone. I understand asking questions is needed (pls do, by all means), but after answering some 37 e-mails about the other one it was eventually sold to the gentelman who showed up, test drove it and took it home. NONE of the people who I was extensivelly e-mailing back and forth, e-mailig detailed pictures etc bothered to come and see it/ drive it in person. Looks like they just wanted to talk Saab talk. Talk is nice, meeting and testing is best.Conclusion: PLEASE PLAN TO SEE AND TEST DRIVE IT IN PERSON. If you need to have it inspected at the shop pf your choice - I have no problem with that.
We are approx. 10 miles away from Newark Airport (EWR) or Newark Penn Station with cheap Path service from NYC and I have no problem picking you up and droping off. BUT, pls don't fly to NY La Guardia or JFK and expect me to battle 2-3 hours of NYC traffic to pick you up. NEWARK ONLY PLS!
I use this car daily (as the safest of the 3 at my disposal), so the milage maybe bit more than advertised.
Summary: GOOD: Only two 50+ owners since new, second one, since 2009 (my wife and I) are technical people with automotive knowledge, very many services done pro-activelly, every known fault corrected in time. The asking price is bellow others and bellow what these recent services realistically cost. Eg. Exhaust alone was $700+ This vehicle at the moment should be trouble free 2019 driving. If you think this description and pictures are excessive - so were the services.If God forbid one day you really, really have to be in the car accident: be in the Saab, not in the other one. NOT SO GOOD:Age and prior accident history, however the damage was not big. Front brake pads are good for perhaps 6-10 kMi, rear approx. 12-18. Tires good for anonther 12-20k. Starting today (1/16) it is parked at the beginning of our driveway nxt to very busy NJ Union County Road 509 with the red FOR SALE sign as long as the weather holds. To contact us, to see it and test drive it plse-mail thru Ebay or u2c.org @ Gmail
Last, but not least: English is my sec. language so I am trying my best here; pls excuse any grammar errors (but not factual). This Saab was in our hands for 10 years. It is comfortable and safe daily commuter. BUT it is 15 years old and although at the moment I don't see any problems with it - all these recent services (and what we paid for these) are not a guarantee that you will not have to do brake pads, coolant temperature sensor and such in months and years to come. At every service I am always asking to learn what is being done and how and like to ask our mechanic 'what's next and when?'

“My wife is the second owner. First owner was an adult and so is the second. Yes, years ago it came from the insurance auction with sligh side/front damage, (airbags were intact), we had it fixed and cared for it v. much and in return it never failed us over the years.”
Year: 2004 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): ys3ed49a643508449
Mileage: 116000 Transmission: Automatic
Make: Saab Body Type: Sedan
Model: 9-5 Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Engine: 2.3T Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
Drive Type: FWD Options: Cassette Player, CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof
Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag Exterior Color: silver gray
Power Options: heated front seats, leather, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats Interior Color: Gray
Fuel Type: Gasoline Number of Cylinders: 4
For Sale By: Private Seller