This car was my late father's, he bought it used from a dealer. The odometer disclosure statement from that sale reads 19,010 miles. Dated September 14, 2011.
It has been sitting outside, unused for years. The first five pics were taken a couple years ago, the sixth one was taken today. I jumped it last fall and moved it a little way down the road where it now sits (sixth pic). Seemed fine, and this summer I put in a brand new battery with the intention of selling it, but the next time I started it, the clutch went right to the floor. Apparently this is a classic Kia problem: if it's really hot out, the clutch might do that. It was a very hot day that day, but even now that it is colder the clutch still just goes right to the floor and stays there. So it cannot be shifted. You are welcome to repair it here if you want as long as it doesn't take more than a couple days, but just so you know it is maybe 100 yards from the nearest outlet.
Problems other than the clutch: the stick-shift feels loose. Mice have gotten into it, I can see droppings on the floor. My father hit a deer in it in 2012. I have the repair bill for that, itemizing control arms, and left headlamp reposition and beam adjustment. I used the battery to jump start another car a couple times and that seems to have drained it, because when I went to start the Kia today I had to jump it.
My dad inherited another car (which I am also listing) in 2014, and I think he stopped using the Kia at that point.
Let me know any questions.

Used Year: 2003
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): KNAFB121835241406 Mileage: 52,580
Interior Color: Gray Make: Kia
Number of Cylinders: 4 Model: Spectra
Transmission: Manual Drive Type: FWD
Body Type: Sedan Vehicle Title: Clear
Exterior Color: Blue For Sale By: Private Seller