2001 Lincoln Town Car 180 Stretch 12 Passenger . The Vehicle is in Very Good Condition for the Year. Vehicle Only has 103,000 Miles Very Well Maintained in our Fleet for 5 Years. I would like to be as transparent as I can be in lieu of the few times I have gone to see a vehicle myself in our state as well as well as out of state only for it to be miss-represented and a waste of my time. The Paint, Vynal Top, and Interior are all In Excellent Condition as you can clearly see in the photos. The Vehicle was completely repainted two years ago and the Interior was a gut out to redo. It has a fresh carpet, beautiful suede headliner, seats, bars were recovered in simulated alligator as well as they have an acrylic blue marble finish, with lots of star-shaped fiber optics Throughout. The stereo system has 8 speaker and two amps with an all in one Cd, Dvd Player and sounds very well. The vehicle has a pleasant newer clean smell throughout the entire limo.
The driver's cabin has been very well maintained the headliner is original and looks new, armrest, carpet, dash, and the front seats are also in excellent condition as is the rest of the entire cabin. The entire electrical system was updated with new aged solenoids and wiring and we also added a Secondary custom built alternator with a separate batter for the rear added load. As the vehicle originally had one and was way underpowered. We had custom coil springs made for the rear and ditched the problematic air ride suspension. The limousine drives, shifts, and rides very smoothly. We did replace all 4 tires in April which are Extra load dot certified tires for the added weight, as well as had the two center exhaust pipes changed around the same time. Heat and Air work great. As do all Functions, buttons etc.
Now a few things that the vehicle may need to make it perfect. We had the Passengers glass broken and we had a custom cut plexiglass that we replaced it with due to it being done during our busy season this year and the glass would have taken 5-6 weeks for us to have it made. Doesn't look too bad but would look better with glass. The body has a small rust quarter sized spot near the rear drivers quarter panel. The digital section of the speedometer and mileage after you drive a bit flash to this symbol - - - -- every once and a while we believe it may need a new cluster or a speedometer sensor. Both very inexpensive off of eBay. However, the temp gauge and fuel gauge work just fine. The Cruise Control Button on the left side of the steering wheel is broken. The mirrored ceiling has quite a few cracks, but still looks ok and is very well secured being it is plexi mirror. As I said, as transparent as I can be. The last three photos show these all. The Vehicle does show two Accidents. One was our driver ran into the back of another limousine at a concert at 2 mph, no damages were sustained but the other driver wanted to make a police report. the Other was a side Impact with a Shuttle bus at a wedding venue. The bus backed into the Drivers side stretch panel. It dented it in a bit. It was professionally repaired and flawless.
I am selling this vehicle being we purchased two newer vehicles. It has been an excellent vehicle for us and I honestly hate to see it go. The price I am selling this for is very reasonable and I will not for a sec entertain any low ball offers etc.
These 180 Lincolns are tough to find being not many were made and the ones out there are mostly running to the ground and have more problems then you would like to know about. Someone will get a turnkey nice used limousine to run in his or her fleet for many years with this vehicle. I am extremely busy and will take the time out to call back any serious buyers. Please email me for starters and we can take it from there.

Used Year: 2001
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1L1FM81W81Y704267 Mileage: 103000
Exterior Color: White Make: Lincoln
Interior Color: Black Model: Town Car
Number of Cylinders: 8 Engine: 4.6
Transmission: Automatic Vehicle Title: Clear