Dramatic Marcello Gandini design
Rare, muscular classic GT 2+2 Coupe with proper power, crisp shifting and entertaining handling.
Recent full service / all systems
69K Km (43K Miles)
Remarkable find by our agents in Japan, this rarest of Maseratis is in outstanding cosmetic condition and has just received a comprehensive full service of all systems at our California service center. With only 43K original miles this genuine GT coupe is ready to deliver sensual excitement and extreme pride of ownership.
The Maserati Shamal is a rare sighting and one of the most exciting cars produced by Maserati in the modern age. A shamal is a potent desert wind that boils thru Arabia in summer, driving sandstorms and heat. This Shamal is a tight and exciting coupe driven by an exceptional 3.2 liter DOHC 4-valve, twin turbo V8 spinning up to 326 HP. Notable performance marks are 0-60 runs at 5.3 seconds and a top velocity near 170 mph.
The story behind the Shamal starts with the BiTurbo V6 of the 1980’s, a model with a checkered reputation that almost finished off Maserati. Desperate to regain lost momentum, Alejandro de Tomaso, then head of Maserati, brought in design star Marcello Gandidni to refresh the platform’s styling, and tasked engineering to develop a state-of-the-art twin turbo V8. The result was a dramatic and original super coupe 2+2 with outstanding performance offered in Europe for around $100K. The Shamal did restore the company’s sporting reputation, but had little effect on salvaging the bottom line as only 369 examples were produced over the six year production run.
While closely based on the BiTurbo V6 platform, Gandini achieved a remarkable success with the Shamal makeover. Dramatic flared fenders accented by the trademark Gandini cutout on the rear fenders give the Shamal a unique and purposeful stance. The crisp silhouette is accented by a structural targa bar and raised trunk line that add menace. The front end is accented with an interesting array of multiple lighting units featuring projector beam headlamps which provide excellent nighttime visibility. It is an attention getter that leaves little misunderstanding regarding its purpose. It looks mean and fast, period.
The interior is well appointed with plush Recaro seats, a tannery’s worth of leather and luxury trimmings. The driving position is close coupled and arms out in the best Italian tradition. There is a small rear seat and a reasonable generous boot to provide ample real world usability.
The engineering is quite state-of-the-art for the late 1980s. The all alloy V8 features DOHC 4-valve heads, twin turbos and a sophisticated electronic fuel injection and ignition system that performs superbly and reliably. This very sweet motivator delivers excellent performance across the full RPM range, with a solid low end that builds progressively to a very strong climax. The Getrag 6-speed manual gearbox is an enthusiast’s delight, crisply delivering the ample power to an effective Maserati “Ranger” limited slip differential to maximize traction. The suspension geometry had been specially engineered to keep all four tires in proper alignment and in contact with the road surface thru a sophisticated “Meccanica Attiva” linkage design. Electronically adjustable active dampers at all four corners are Koni units with 4 mode settings. Overall, the chassis is brilliant and delivers a very special driving experience.
Quite rare worldwide and virtually unknown in the US the Shamal is a true exotic.
Stimulating performance is delivered in an attractive and comfortable GT coupe package.
An excellent example in very good condition with freshly serviced mechanicals.
3.2 liter Alloy V8
326 HP @ 6,000 RPM
320 lb-ft @ 2,800 RPM
Twin Turbo
Quad Cam 4-valve heads
Getrag 6-speed Gearbox
Maserati “Ranger” limited slip differential
Koni 4-mode adjustable electronic suspension
Wheelbase: 94.5 inches
Overall length: 161.4 inches
Overall width: 72.8 inches
Overall height: 51.2 inches
Front track: 54.5 inches
Rear track: 61 inches
Shipping weight: 3,124 pounds
Please note this car was legally imported under the federal 25 year exemption law. Comes with a Vermont registration, Vermont plates and a bill of sale.
Note that Vermont does not produce titles for cars that are more than 15 years old. (for more information visit here Please check local regulations for title and registration in other states. Contact us for more details.
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“Remarkable find by our agents in Japan, this rarest of Maseratis is in outstanding cosmetic condition and has just received a comprehensive full service of all systems at our California service center. With only 43K original miles this genuine GT coupe is ready to deliver sensual excitement and extreme pride of ownership.”
Year: 1992 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 11111111111111111
Mileage: 43,146 Exterior Color: Rosso
Make: Maserati Interior Color: Nero
Model: Coupe Number of Cylinders: 8
Trim: Shamal Transmission: 6 Speed Getrag Manual
Engine: Bi-Turbo V8 3.2 litre Body Type: Coupe
Drive Type: RWD Vehicle Title: Clear