This wagon is oh-so-sweet!!! I often buy used, fun vehicles and drive them for a few months of so and then sell to buy the next fun vehicle. Before this wagon I had a Saab convertible, then before that a 1980 Volvo sedan, and before that. ... you get the picture. But I'm selling because I now want an old pickup.
I bought this vehicle from AZ. Flew down to get it and drove it back (well, almost... had the alternator replaced which I have a receipt for). Once I had it back in CO, I had a mechanic go through and replace any lights, fluids, or anything mechanical. You can see the details of this receipt in the photos. I also bought a brand new battery from Autozone. Basicially, I have put $1000 into it.
This wagon has been VERY well cared for. The fabric interior looks almost brand new. It's runs amazing. Idles smooth, starts smooth, brakes smooth, you really can't go wrong. No broken/cracked windshield, power seats and windows work. I mean, it's pretty sweet!
I will note anything wrong with this vehicle I'm aware of: There is a minor oil leak (common in older vehicles), the actual mileage is unknown as there is only space for 5 digits on the odometer. Means that it has rolled over past 100,000k miles. Current mileage shows 12,500. The vehicle always starts, but the past couple of times have taken a few tries. I had a mechanic look at it this morning to ensure it wasn't a major issue and he said that it's a sign the starter will eventually go out (just being honest here people!). He said they aren't that expensive - around $150 then there will be labor cost. Other than what I've disclosed, it s perfect and you will be shocked at how clean it is.
I have a daily driver and this has been my toy. Now it's time to find another.
Thanks for looking!

Used Year: 1990
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 2MECM79F8LX641063 Mileage: 112500
Trim: Vinyl Make: Mercury
Model: Grand Marquis Vehicle Title: Clear