eBay purchased new with my father 44 years ago description listed aboveOn Jul-15-18 at 11:09:16 PDT, seller added the following information:Pictures of floor pan rust shown. It hasnt gone any further since bringing the car to Oregon in 1988. Its fully repairable. The paint is pretty good for original paint that will be 1/2 a century old in 6 years. To answer questions please be patient It may take time. The car ran very well, and really puts you back in the seat with little throttle, but now the improper napa fuel pump Not OEM is giving the fuel pressure light indicator on the dash. The car isnt fully drivable till its fixed..its the only issue Ive ever had, other than the Thermostatic acuator...spring type choke mechanisim isnt turning the choke down after warming up. I will be cleaning and polishing the car. I have recently sold my property and lost my garage, its the only reason Im selling. I consider the car a restoration project because of the floor pan rust. The tire well I think also had some rust. The car is fully restorable without doing any major mechanical work as the engine Im sure has excellent comporession. You could fix that get the right oem pump not the napa pump, then just detail it and drive it. The car is an excellent collector era for the Alfa Spider, with 107,000 or mi it could easily be a high end car worth several times what im selling it for. But please dont expect to just get in and drive the car, Id appreciate if the winning bidder right would fix it properly as it certainly deserves it. On Jul-18-18 at 19:39:49 PDT, seller added the following information:The car is cleaning up nice. Started right up, will continue to add more pictures. Had it on the rack to photograph the entire cars underneath.On Jul-18-18 at 19:53:21 PDT, seller added the following information:Fuel Injected Spica 2000cc engine.On Jul-19-18 at 21:24:17 PDT, seller added the following information:The car is running smooth and you can tell its running on all 4 cylinders, I did notice that the rear emergency brake cable wasnt fully releasing, when i had it towed I think the safety/hold down strap routed through the car caught part of the parking brake assembly/cable, im sure its an easy fix. P,S, I wont ship to Isreal or out of the country, I dont know how. I do have the spare factory spare wheel. I do have the original keys, and a gold color service book i think it shows the dealer maintenance records only not the owners manual, I do have a shop manual that shows how the choke/ thermostatic actuator works, but its in years of records and may have to be mailed at a later date. I will try and get some final pictures friday. On Jul-20-18 at 21:20:07 PDT, seller added the following information:All payments can be made anyway that you would like, Crypto $? or any other forms of non us currency not accepted. Payments made with a personal check, transfers, or cashiers checks must be 100% cleared and availible funds. I would prefer not to have cash. I will furnish my bank account information for a transfer only through the manager at 1st Interstate Bank here in Bend Oregon to your financial instutuion. I will fully cooperate with meeting any transport company. I would appreciate the winning bidder register and transfer the car into their name. I will not be furnishing the new tags and plates. I may have to mail the books that I have at a later date, as they have been in my storage closet for many years. Just to clarify the car certainly does start a run well, you woud never notice the fuel issue till you trottle at maybe 35 40 mph. I tried my best to describe the car fully, yes everything works on the car signals lights tach spedo heater, which i did run everytime I stated it. The tires are good but it needs perellis. Have been adding the pictures while camping & noticed that the worst 1 of the floor pannel isnt in there, but to be clear it needs replaced. I cant see the pictures clearly, but the convertable top is in excellent condition. Really hoping that somone who knows these cars will be the winning bidder.

“1974 Alfa Romeo Spider. Purchased new with my father Dr. Jay R Julius at the San Leandro Alfa dealer 44 years ago, Dad took immaculate care of the car. I have driven in less than 500 mi over 30 years. It has always started. Recently the fuel pump went out and I replaced it with a Napa fuel pump. The pressure light is on and although it runs and idles when given gas it does not have full power. The interior is in above average condition. the top is in excellent condition, the original paint and body is in decent condition but has front floor board rust. It has not extended to the rest of the car and could be repaired with the sectional floor pan pannel which i found a oem on Ebay.”
Year: 1974 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 3046002
Mileage: 107,000 Exterior Color: red
Make: Alfa Romeo Number of Cylinders: 4
Model: Spider Body Type: cv
Vehicle Title: Clear