Up for sale is an awesome DMC-12 Delorean Time Machine replica, as seen in the Back To The Future film trilogy. This is the Part 2 Mr. Fusion version of the car, fan-built by me. Transmission is manual 5-speed, with grey interior just like in the film. Cruising around in the time machine is truly a unique experience.
I originally bought the Delorean here on Ebay (stock with very low miles). It was garage kept and rarely driven. For the first few years of ownership I used it as my daily driver (yes it's possible! though not recommended). I work mostly from home, so even then not many miles were put on the car. Being a huge BTTF fan, I began the long process of converting the Delorean into a time machine. With most of the conversion completed (and being overwhelmed with attention), it became my weekend-only car. I started a side business of renting the time machine (display only) for special events and conventions. You could easily do this as well, and the car will help pay for itself and put some extra money in your pocket.
This car fires up, idles, and drives well. It contains the stock PRV V6 engine, with the exception that the faulty K-Jetronic fuel injection system has been replaced with a custom carburetor setup. This has made the car more reliable, less problematic, easier (and cheaper) to maintain, and has opened up quite a bit of space in the engine bay. This saves a TON of headache when doing any maintenance.
The stainless steel overall is in great shape. There is a tiny ding and small scratch on the passenger door. These aren't super noticeable unless you look for them. The rest of the stainless is near-flawless.The battery is fairly new and holds strong. There is a very slow electrical drain which I haven't had to time to diagnose. This is not an issue if the car is driven regularly, as the alternator performs as it should. If the car sits for an extended period of time, I simply disconnect the battery (there is a quick-connect adapter installed for convenience).The frame is in great shape. Unfortunately I don't have any photos, but fellow owners have always commented how beautiful the frame is when up on a lift. This is somewhat rare for a 35 year Delorean.The windshield has a long crack at the bottom, and a shorter one at the top corner. These haven't affected drivability or inspection. Both gullwing doors rise effortlessly and do not sag while open. Easily one of the coolest aspects of the car.The interior overall is in good shape, but there are some areas of wear and tear. The dash and binnacle have several cracks (common problem), though much of it is covered in time machine parts anyway. The driver seat has a small/medium tear and some cracking. The passenger seat has mild wear but is in much better condition.The AC has been converted to modern r134a. It does currently have a slow leak. This should not be too difficult to diagnose. When fully charged, it blows COLD. Since the leak started, I've just periodically topped off the system with a can of r134a from Autozone ($10). This is a quick and easy fix for cold AC until the source of the leak is repaired. The heater works well.The door windows are in great shape and crack-free. Power windows work well.The engine currently has an oil leak. This does not affect drivability of the car. To help remedy the problem, I've used a thicker viscosity oil. Over the course of half a year, my driveway has collected only a few drops of oil.All headlights, brake lights, etc. work properly. The odometer recently stopped working. This is actually a common problem with Deloreans, usually due to the angle drive ($59) and/or dust shield cap ($15). The mileage currently reads 60,652. Actual mileage is closer to 60,700 - 60,800This car is equipped with a rear backup camera, which is totally necessary for a time machine IMO. The camera has a small crack, and the screen has some digital distortion, but overall still very functional. It turns on by the flip of switch or when the car is put in reverse.
Throughout ownership I've put anywhere from 10-20k in replacement parts and upgrades. Going off of memory, this includes:
Steering rackSteering shaft and couplingMultivex convex side mirrors (eliminate blind spots)JVC radio with USB All new speakers Door strutsBass amp/speaker mounted behind passenger seatUpgrade LCAs (lower control arms)KYB shocksRotorsRepaired large gash on passenger-side knee padSteering column bushingNew AC compressor Compressor hosesAC accumulator Fuel pumpFuel lineWheel bearings Almost all bulbs upgraded to LEDs (not headlights)Water pumpUpgrade TABs (trailing arm bolts)Energy-efficient radiator fans with better airflowNew AC blower motor And more
Now to the fun part:
The Delorean is a one of a kind vehicle, but the TIME MACHINE takes it to a whole new level. I converted this car myself, with the help of friends and family along the way. I would rate it at 85-95% COMPLETED and ACCURATE. What this means:
The majority of the conversion is done, but there are still a few components that are either missing or unfinished.Full accuracy was always strived for to the best of my ability. Original parts were used where possible. When not, the closest models were acquired and further modified. In other cases, parts were casted or completely fabricated from scratch. In other words, this time machine is not perfectly 100% finished and accurate.. but it's pretty close. You could choose to finish it (which is a very fun project) or simply enjoy it as-is. I guarantee the general public will not know the difference. I've had bystanders swear it's the one from the movie (which isn't true).
Some time machine highlights:
The flux capacitor fluxes by the flip of a switch.Overhead buttons and switches light up.Time circuit display housing is mostly built, but not wired up or functional. This could be completed by you or replaced with a purchased model.Plutonium gauges light up.Digital speedometer displays actual speed via gps.Mr. Fusion can be opened and closed. Throw some garbage inside if you'd like.The flux bands light up via long RGB LED strips. They are controlled by a remote which can alter the color and static/blinking patterns.The rear window has been removed and replaced with an aluminum bulkhead, just like in the film. It is sealed so no water gets in.2015 barcode license plate is mounted on the back.Everything is drilled into the car, so it can be driven without the need to remove anything.The bottom part of the rear vents are detachable, so you have full access to the engine. I prop up the engine cover with a broom stick (included).
This time machine has been visited by several celebrities, including:
Claudia Wells (aka Jennifer Parker, see photo), Donald Fullilove (Mayor Goldie Wilson), Walter Jones (original black Power Ranger, see photo), Sean Whalen (Twister), & Craig Morgan (country music artist).
A few extra goodies are included with this auction:
OUTATIME license plate Sports almanac Marty Mcfly vestSound FX board (can be installed in the car)Box of spare Delorean partsFull size spare tire (in trunk)Owner's manual (rough shape but legible)Delorean electrical diagramBox of spare time machine parts and materials1 or 2 Delorean time machine car models2 PVC door bars for display purposesBack To The Future: The Ultimate Visual History book
Dream Maker: The Rise and Fall of John Z Delorean bookConcours Delorean One framed poster (fairly rare)A dropbox folder link to tons of reference photos I've accumulated
After about 8 years of owning my dream car, it is simply time to move on to new projects and new adventures. With long-term traveling in my near future, I'd much rather see this car go to a new owner than sit around in storage. I hope the next owner enjoys it as much as I have and shares it with the world. The Delorean brings a smile to everyone's face, young and old. This car will turn you into a local celebrity, create friendships, and even pick up a few dates along the way.
Disclaimer: This is a 35 year old classic car- it is not a 2018 model, nor is it a Lamborghini. Older cars require maintenance and care. I encourage you to research Deloreans, as they have several quirks. This car is being sold as-is with no returns. Serious buyers only, and be certain it's a purchase you intend to make. If you're anything like me, buying your dream car is definitely something you won't regret.
Deloreans continue to appreciate in value, and remain prominent in pop culture (the Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One is right around the corner). Trust me, it is very hard to let go of this time machine.. but my loss can be your gain. Don't miss the opportunity to live the dream and own this incredible car!
Please feel free to contact with me any questions.

Used Year: 1983
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): SCEDT26T7DD016366 Mileage: 60,652
Make: DeLorean Vehicle Title: Clear