1977 Cadillac Seville. One owner car. Old mans car, he passed away, a family friend, have title now in my name, everything already done concerning the death certificate and transferring of the title.
I collect Lincolns and Continentals from the 50,s, so I have no use for this car.
350 Oldsmobile Fuel Injected.
44,000 original miles.
Rusted proofed from the day it was new.
Last on the road 1989!
Repairs that were done to get this Seville road ready after sitting 29 years. Repairs were done only done because the car was sitting in a garage for 29 years.
New tires.
New fuel injector O rings.
New master cylinder
New left rear caliper.
New right front caliper.
New brake pads, all 4 wheels.
Tune up and oil change of course.
This is a very nice Seville, but there are few more things I would do to it.
Change the trans filter and fluid
Charge/switch the A/C to 134.
Replace 3 of the radio speakers, the are dried out and crack from sitting. Work when the feel like it.
Change the float in the fuel tank, for the fuel gauge. It is sticking.
All very minor repairs to make this one perfect.
I have been using the car daily, with no problems, runs great, rides real nice. Weather got bad here, so I parked the car.
PayPal or wire transfer. The car will not be release until MY bank verifies with YOUR bank that everything is legit.
I will work with your shipper.
$500 deposit within 48 hours. Non Refundable.
For more details you can call 412 287 7693. If no answer, I will return your call, IF you leave a message.

Used Year: 1977
Mileage: 44000 Make: Cadillac
Number of Cylinders: 8 Model: Seville
Vehicle Title: Clear