Before I part this out into a million pieces and spread it around the World, which will probably happen, I want to give it a shot of salvation before execution.So I will list it complete and make one attempt to keep it together. Then it is gone forever as a complete car and will give life to many as a parts donor.Which would be a shame for such a nice Z as this. This is a very early 1974 260Z from Southern Arizona that has been off the road since 2006.This body is a beauty.Very little rust.. Great doglegs,rockers,floors,rails,inner front wheel wells,nice tailgate top panel. Looks like it was painted red once over factory gold. What is left of it. A little rust spot on drivers side dogleg.No front or rear bumpers,We did a compression check on the L26 engine and got low numbers in the 80-90 PSI range.Should go up after more use. But no guaranty. Took the valve cover off and the spray bar was spraying oil all across so it has good oil pressure. The head looks awfully clean. As does the Arizona Z 4 barrel Holley carb intake. Like it was put on and not run. I have no history on this car so no clue if it was being built and stopped or what. Nice cloth interior that should clean up. Some interior vinyl over the strut towers is gone. But most of this car is still here Original straight rustfree Z bodies are getting harder to find This will be a great base to build a Z your way.Go stock or go hotrod.Always start with the most rustfree straight body you can find. This is it. Clean straight Arizona title in my name.I travel around mostly the West Coast and might be able to get it to you or close for reasonable money. I can arrange shipping to Long Beach California shippers for export for $300 no problem. Datsun Zs are getting harder and harder to get in any shape these days. .

Used Year: 1974
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): RLS30029495 Mileage: 999999
Make: Datsun Vehicle Title: Clear
Model: Z-Series