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Auction Ends : Sunday December 16 at 7:00 PM Pacific
If you are interested in buying the car now and ending the auction early, please call me to discuss. Thank you, Paul (541) 974-5346
Thank you for checking out my auction of this 1974 original survivor Datsun 260Z. Please read the full ad thoroughly and check out the 100 plus detailed photos below. This is a very solid rust free example and has never had any paint work. The paint is original and you won't run into surprises under new shiny paint. The interior of this car is really nice, by far one of the cleanest original interiors I have seen in any of the 70's Z cars. I can't remember the last time I saw a dash this nice with no cracks or warping, headliner is amazing, and the upholstery and trim are exceptional. The entire car is solid and rust free. The back floorpan under the spare tire looks new. This car has sat under cover for over 35 years without being started. The motor turns over by hand and will obviously need to be checked out before attempting to start.
The 240Z, 260Z, and 280ZX family of Z series cars by Datsun were truly ahead of their time. Datsun produced a legendary series of affordable sports cars. They were the early pioneers of sporty Japanese import cars and have been popular in the U.S. for many decades now. The 260Z was produced from 1974 to 1978 worldwide, but was only available in the United States in 1974. This particular 260Z was built in 10/1974 making it the late model, or 1974 1/2, the rarest of the Z's! Because Datsun reported production for the calendar year, rather than the model year, it's almost impossible to figure out how many 260Zs were built. The best guess is 310,000 produced worldwide between the years of 1974 and 1978, with between 3,000 and 5,000 sent to the United States for the 1974 1/2 model year. How many have survived the test of time? My guess? There are going to be very few of these out there and I'm sure trying to find one close to this nice, solid, and original would be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. This very well may be the HOLY GRAIL of 260Z's !
The original owner purchased this Z from the local Datsun dealership and has been in Oregon since new. The original owner sold the car to my friend Roger in 1981. He drove this car as a weekend fun rig for a couple of years and truly enjoyed long road trips in it. The local mountain range has tight winding roads and small hills that make a sports car like this truly shine. The acceleration, the shifting of the manual transmission, and the truly amazing handling in corners made for a great day driving through the mountains and country roads. Roger loved these Z cars and speculated that the rarity of the 260Z would make it a sought after collector car some day. With this in mind, he parked it at 70,085 miles in his open pole barn hoping to preserve the car as best as he could. This kept it under cover and dry inside, however the exterior was exposed to the elements. This is where it sat untouched for over 35 years. I recently acquired this car from Roger and have not transferred title into my name. I wanted to show the ownership history. The new owner will receive a clean Oregon title (picture of title below) that is properly released and a bill of sale. Roger said that the car ran and drove fine when it was parked, but obviously will need work to be road worthy after sitting over 35 years. He assured me that the car retains its original motor and transmission. This is a real BARN FIND, as it came with chicken poop on it, LOL!
I believe the 260Z was one of the most fun, affordable sports cars built in 70's. There has always been enthusiast passion for these cars and that interest seems to grow each and every year. They have some aspect of mini Corvette look to them but obviously have their own very unique driving characteristics. One of the premier handling cars in the corners, peppy acceleration, low seating position, and a long view over the hood make these a very fun driving sports car. In my opinion, this car done will garner the attention of a split window corvette, will be as fun or more fun to drive, and will be completed for a whole lot less money.
This truly is a great solid car, keep in mind this is a low mileage ORIGINAL SURVIVOR. A car is only original ONCE. There are scratches and the original paint has lifted in places, but aside from a couple of dings, the body is really nice and solid. (NO rust through or pinholes anywhere that I can find) I wanted to get close ups to show the flaws for what they are. The bare metal spots are where the original paint has lifted and close ups reveal how only surface rust is there, the body panels are solid and free from cancer or pinholes. All of the exterior gaps and body lines are very nice and consistent. The lower valance (chin spoiler) is in really nice shape, the previous owner obviously was careful when parking or driving over speed bumps. These are almost never this straight and shiny, very easy to damage and never noticed area, it's the underside of the car after all. This is a SOLID LOW MILEAGE ORIGINAL CAR!
The interior on this car is very dry and has been exceptionally well preserved. This may be the most amazing area on this car. The interior is all original and has not been cut, fixed, or modified. The seats are in great overall condition and the only split is on the driver's lower rear bottom cushion area, and very minor at that. (see pics below) The door panels are in great shape. The door jams and hinges are super nice and clean. The original carpet is missing on the driver's floor board, but all of the rest of the carpet is there and very nice. Check out the pictures below of the floor pans under the carpet, really nice! The headliner looks perfect. The gauge cluster looks new. The dash is absolutely amazing, there is not one crack! It's very rare to find a dash this clean, I haven't seen one this nice in many, many, years. The gauges all look great and it is amazing how nice the factory steering wheel is. I can't find one missing or broken trim piece, it's nice and all there! The back hatch area still retains the cardboard cover on top of the spare tire. This spare tire cardboard cover has not ever been wet and looks great. Underneath the spare tire, the floor pan still has shiny paint, is dry, and rust free. (see pics below) Absolutely amazing!
I have done my best to describe this amazing BARN FIND original survivor 1974 260Z. The good, the bad, and the RAD! However, I can't possibly describe every individual imperfection on this car. Please check out the 100 plus photos below. If you have questions after reading the entire ad and studying the pictures please feel free to contact me, but please read the ad and view pictures first. If you need help getting a shipping quote, I have the contact information for a shipping company I have used in the past with great results. The car is in Albany, OR. This is an original survivor car that has been parked for over 35 years. It is sold as is and as a non running car. Terms of Sale: Winning bidder to contact me and pay $1000 deposit through paypal within 24 hours of auction end. The remaining balance is due in full within 72 hours of auction end, prefer bank wire. After paid in full I will send the new owner the clean properly released Oregon title and bill of sale. No Reserve Auction, highest bidder will own it! This is an amazing rust free car for someone!
Close up photographs of bare steel, wanted to show that what you see is only surface rust and all the body panels are SOLID! I wanted to show you how solid the body is where the paint is missing. Only surface rust and all of the body panels are very solid.
Auction Ends : Sunday December 16 at 7:00 PM Pacific
If you are interested in buying the car now and ending the auction early, please call me to discuss. Thank you, Paul (541) 974-5346

“If viewing from mobile device, please click on full item description to see the 100 plus detailed photographs and description. Thanks for checking out my rare 260Z that was only available for sale in the U.S. for this 1 YEAR ONLY! The 240z was from 70-73 and the 280z was from 75 on up. The ORIGINAL paint shows its age, but you can see how straight, true and solid this "Z" is. It's never had any paint or body work like most cars this age, and that means you will not be concerned with hidden surprises under shiny paint. This car has been sitting for many years and has not been started for a long time. Please read the full ad description and check out the 100+ detailed pictures below. Feel free to contact me if you have questions prior to bidding, but please read the full ad first. NO RESERVE AUCTION means winning bidder will own it! Someone is going to be extremely happy with this rare, hard find, late 1974 260Z.”
Year: 1974 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): RLS30063241
Mileage: 70085 Exterior Color: Brilliant Bronze Metallic
Make: Datsun Interior Color: Black / Brown
Model: Z-Series Number of Cylinders: 6
Engine: 2565cc Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD Body Type: Coupe
Vehicle Title: Clear Sub Model: 260Z