This 1972 Suzuki LJ20 “Jimny” has been owned by Glenn Wakefield, the owner of Rocky Road Outfitters, which is a 4x4 shop well known around the world for Suzuki parts and equipment.

While this LJ20 did come with the original water-cooled 360cc two-stroke twin, Glenn tired of the top speed of about 25mph on the original drivetrain and only 28 (original) HP.
A few years ago a transformation occurred in the drivetrain which makes this LJ20 unique in the world... this LJ now has a 1.3 Samurai engine and transmission installed. What this has done is push the top speed up to about 55mph (depending on how high you want to wind the engine) with a 5-speed transmission. It makes this particular LJ much more driveable and useable on a daily basis. And a vehicle which gets used more, is simply more fun!

Other benefits, if you have ever had to try and repair an LJ20 engine, or find engine parts, you may know this is near impossible. . and these parts, when they are available, cost a FORTUNE!!! Just check on Ebay from time to time and you will find this.
The 1.3 Samurai engine/transmission makes service of this vehicle affordable and easy. You can find parts for it! Glenn owns a couple of vintage Suzukis and says this Big Block Suzuki Swap is the best thing you can do for these vintage Suzukis.
The LJ retains it original 2-speed (low/high) transfer case
While the original engine was fun in a way with its revvy dirt bike sound, the new drivetrain simply makes the vehicle more fun and safer to take out on public roads.
The original engine and transmission are still available and can be negotiated on top of the cost of the vehicle. These were running at the time of the drivetrain upgrade.
The vehicle rides comfortable, is super enjoyable and fun. It turns heads and gets alot of attention wherever it goes. Use it to drive around your hometown locally, take it into the backcountry, you can even show it at vintage car events and it WILL be a hit.

Comes with sporty aluminum wheels and 235/75 r15 mud/snow tires, and a full size spare which can be rotated in.

LJ Jimnys were not officially imported to the US by Suzuki, and only a few hundred were brought to the US by IEC. As the US did not enforce Kei length restrictions, this truck has the spare wheel mounted outside the tailgate rather than behind the seats. Overall length is just close to 10'.
The grille sports eight vertical slats; one more than the Jeeps the Jimny was modeled after. The Suzuki name is stamped fully through the grille.

The interior is quite comfortable with thick rubber fitted mats in front and rear, original instrumentation in place plus updated Tach. Comes with a 4-point roll bar and seat belts have been added in.
The windshield folds down so you can have a true vintage driving experience if you wish.
The truck gets 'exercised' regularly. It fires right up, has a nice sound, but NOT loud custom exhaust.
Sale includes an original Factory Service manual for the LJ20... impossible to find anywhere anymore. And also a parts catalog with part number for the LJ20.

This is a true one-of-a-kind collector's item.
You can own a piece of history with this vehicle and one of the best kept LJ20's in the America's currently.

Feel free to message if you have any questions at all, or you can email Glenn off of the Rocky Road Outfitters website for more information on this vehicle.
This vehicle is being listed locally and on other listing services, and so may be sold at any time off of Ebay.
Message to check for availability before making an immediate purchase.

Used Year: 1972
Mileage: 21,300 Make: Suzuki
Exterior Color: White Model: LJ20
Vehicle Title: Clear