* ** ****My Apologies to whomever has been following this listing * ** **** I was asked many times if this car had overdrive and in my error I just assumed it did not , I now know that it does indeed have overdrive and it works perfectly in third and forth gear making it even more of a pleasure to drive . Very sorry to anyone who asked , again I really have very little knowledge of these vehicles . So here is the original description A solid 72 MGB with only 62k.*** ORANGE *** Really runs and drives well. I've never owned one and really know nothing about them but I think this is a good one. The body is very solid and rust free underneath , I've added a lot of underneath pics , seems to have original panels and floor . It starts right up without the choke even in the cold , idles fine and has decent power , the trans shifts very well and the clutch is great. Its a fun car to drive and it looks like its had quite a bit of work done recently including new battery and alternator, tune up , etc. The interior is clean and mostly complete, all the gauges and lights work. The top has seen better days for sure but still hanging in there. Brakes feel fine and it has a good feel on the road. Overall really a good driver and it seems to me all the important stuff has been taken care of eg. the body and driveline. There are plenty of small detail type things that need to be cleaned up like weatherstriping , loose mirror, maybe some attention under the hood . So its a drive it while you do the small things at your leisure or just hop in and have fun type of car . * ** *** PLEASE COME LOOK AT IT OR CALL IF YOUR SERIOUS 215-852-3039 .

Used Year: 1972
Mileage: 62,000 Make: MG
Vehicle Title: Clear Model: MGB