Hello, this is a Very Unusual and ABSOLTELY BEAUTIFUL and Real 1967 Camaro RS.. Please read the History about this Camaro, I promise I wont drag it out. I bought this car over three years ago from a guy that owned it for most of the car's life. He bought it from his friend when the engine broke, when the car was only a few years old. The guy I bought it from built cars into Show Cars way back before it was common like it is today. This was his personal car all these years and it was the car he built into a Show Car to demonstrate his Skills at Large Car Events (World Of Wheels, etc...)..This has been a Show Car since the 70;s, Check out those 70's Embroidered Velour SS Seat Covers and the Original Rear BIAS PLY Tires ! That is why the Body, Underbody, Trunk and Frame are Absolutely Unbelievable on this Camaro. If you want one of the Best Original Bodies you will ever see on a 1967 Camaro, you have found it. Check out the skills he had on the Car's Cowl Hood. That is a 1970 Chevelle SS Cowl Induction Hood welded to the 1967 Camaro Hood. Yes, you really are seeing the Cowl Induction Ram Air Flapper on it (and it will function too!). If you look at the underneath of the Hood you will see that the whole Hood is Flawless and looks Factory Built, Amazing. Please keep reading this because it just keeps getting better. . Just before I purchased it, he Repainted it to its former Show Car Glory. It needed no bodywork, the 70's paint was getting tired. Almost Everything on this Camaro is painted one of three Shades of Dark Red Pearl (please see Underneath and Engine Pictures also !). It was an original green car way back when, but there is no hint of that anywhere, in fact, there is even very little black paint on this entire car. It is easy to see that it is a Show Car. There are Brand New Front and Rear Bumpers on it too. It is pretty much all refreshed Mechanically too. When he showed this car all these years, it had a turbo small block in it. Now it has a Newly Installed and a just Freshly Completely Professionally Rebuilt REAL1967 CHEVELLE SS 396 BIG BLOCK (325 Horsepower, 4 speed trans engine) in it. That is the Same Year and Same Engine that a 1967 Camaro SS 396 would come from the Factory with !! The Suffix Code (see pic) on the engine block proves all that. The letters ED (the suffix code) at the end of the larger set of letters proves that it is a 1966 or 1967 Chevelle 396, 325 Horsepower 4 Speed trans engine. The letter T at the beginning of the Larger set of numbers means the engine was made at the Tonawanda Plant (that is why you see that silver sticker on all of the early chevy big blocks.The smaller set of numbers shows the year (7 for 1967, K for GM in Canada Final Assembly Plant, and the vin numbers from the original chevelle ss it came from). This is 100% Provable thru many, many Chevy Decoding websites and books. The last owner just bought this engine from his friend (who just had it rebuilt), for $5,000 and there are obviously 0 Miles on it. The M21 4-Speed Trans was in the car already (while it was a show car) and functions fine. It also has a new Cluch, Throw Out Bearing Pressure Plate, etc.. freshly installed (again, 0 miles). This Car is a Real Original V8 Camaro and is a REAL RS Camaro (the letter L in the Code 3 Options on the Cowl Tag Prove that (se pic). And, of course to go along with a Big Block,this car has a 12 Bolt Posi with a ratio. Ok, now to get into what I have that comes with the car and what needs to be finished on the car still. By far, most of the Hard Work is already done and almost all of the Expensive Parts are already purchased. First of all, it needs a new exhaust system still. The new owner can install the system of their choice (Louder or Not). The correct Big Block Exhaust Manifolds, Gaskets and Bolts are already on the Engine. It needs a steering pump and bracket still, but the correct original power steering column is already in the car also. It needs new rear tires, again, the buyer can choose the size and style he/she likes (unless you like those 70's bias ply tires that are on it now,lol), Everybody loves the Painted Steel Rims with the Dog Dish Hubcaps that are on it now, including myself, (especially on a Big Block 4 Speed RS Camaro), so I would leave those on for sure, but that is up to the buyer, of course. I have already recently bought Brand New Black Correct Full Carpet Set, Brand New Black Correct Front Buckets and Rear Seat Covers (all in the boxes still) and a Brand New Aluminum Radiator for a 1967 Big Block Camaro, and all of those things come with the car ! Being a 4 speed the Radiator is a very easy install too. It will still need a fan and fan shroud. There are some interior pieces that are already with the car that need to be reinstalled also (correct painted glove box lid,etc..) things like that It comes with good black door panels and kick panels too. The dash wiring is all still all connected where it needs to be (fuse box,etc..),so the hardest wiring part isn't an issue, and the wiring still all goes thru the firewall, but needs to be reconnected to the engine, headlights, turn signals etc.. The rear wiring is still connected to the firewall also needs to be reconnected to the taillights, turn signals, etc.. in the rear, not a real hard job. It needs new window weatherstriping (which is pretty easy to do) and all of the window felts are already on the car. I would recommend a redo of the headliner and it needs a new package tray. When the interior is finished and put back in, the dark red painted areas is going to look great with the black door panels, seat covers, carpet,etc. I have seen that type of combination in 67 and 68 Camaro interiors before and it looks super sharp. Also, the car comes with Brand New Front and Rear Spoilers ( I had the new rear spoiler painted by the seller with the same paint he painted the car with, so it is ready to install). The Camaro didn't have a rear spoiler before (common with the original RS's), but I prefer the look of the rear spoiler, but if you don't want to install it, there are no holes drilled in the trunk lid yet. It does need some of the brake lines and gas lines installed still. The front end is done and ready but needs some of the cotter keys installed still (because of lots of new parts installed). Besides the cotter keys (very simple), most of the front and suspension is ready to go. I have most of the front-end RS headlight pieces (painted to match the body color already), but I would suggest a new center grille piece (the painted one that was on the car has a couple of notches cut out on it for some reason, but comes with the car). It needs a new Carb and air cleaner still, and a new battery. The Camaro is still the way I bought it over three years ago (besides me buying the rest of the expensive parts it needed that all come with the car). I have too many cars and I still haven't gotten to it yet, so, I decided to let somebody finish this Fantastic car. It is almost there and it is now and it is going to be One HECK of a Great Camaro. What more could someone want than a Show Quality RS BIG BLOCK 4 SPEED 12 BOLT (and with that Super Cool Hood and the way it looks with those Wheels) it will make a Fantastic Investment and a LOT of Fun to be had. Also, because of the Quality that this car is, it will last a LONG,LONG time ! You could NOT build a 67 Camaro like this for anywhere near what I am selling it for, it just cant be done. There is a small fortune invested in this car. I am also selling this car because I am doing a real estate transaction, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not make an offer unless you are 100% sure, I do not have time to waste. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will respond quickly. Thanks You very much for your interest !

Year: 1967 Mileage: 61359
Transmission: 4 SPEED MANUAL Make: Chevrolet
Body Type: Coupe Model: Camaro
Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Trim: RS
Vehicle Title: Clear Engine: 396 BIG BLOCK
Power Options: POWER STEERING Drive Type: RWD
Fuel Type: Gasoline For Sale By: Private Seller
Exterior Color: Red Disability Equipped: No
Interior Color: Black Drive Side: Left-hand drive
Number of Cylinders: 8