As a car nut all my life ( 79 years old past April ) I recollect various cars that came into my life.In 1962 I invented the seat lock mechanism that locks the passengers seat backrest from flying into the dashboard under a sudden stop.I designed it on a 1954 Oldsmobile Holiday coupe since just days before I had my 18 month old daughter sitting in a 'child's seat' that was hung over the back of the seat when I had to do a rapid stop to avoid an accident.My daughter, sitting in the child's seat almost hit her head but I stopped it by placing my arm in front of her while I was doing a fast stop.I believed that this all could be corrected and designed a mechanism that I thought auto parts stores across the country would sell for $1.99 as a safety item while making one half profit. .Foolishly I took the advice of my lawyer at the time who told me Don't waste your $800.00 to get this patented.No one will want it.Use that $800.00 and purchase TWA stock at $86.00 which I did.Years later I sold the stock for about $6.00 and my lawyer had passed away. . about four years ago I found this car.The same model.The same exterior color.The same interior color and a highly original car which I always admired.After acquiring it I found several livable defects.The car had been painted and showed like new cars do with orange peel everywhere.I had a professional auto painter/ detailer wet sand the car [$45.00 per hour] for over one week working diligently every day ...Each day the panels started to look better until on the eight day I thought it looked great.By the way the whitewalls look clean not like in the photos.I have since acquired an extremely rare 1956 Lincoln Continental Derham Victoria Coupe (the only one ever made) and it is about three weeks away from returning after being soda blasted,stripped to bare metal and over one thousand items disassembled for rebuilding and refinishing thus my current situation.I have included a couple of photos of my 56 Lincoln so you can see the rare car it is.
In one of the photos you will see the second floor or our cramped building filled with classic cars with the Oldsmobile Holiday coupe towards the left rear..I have absolutely no room when it returns...I am a real car nut and have been all my life but I am literally out of space therefore I have to part with a couple of my great cars. . If you know me you know my cars.
The 1954 Oldsmobile starts easily.It runs quietly and shifts properly.My mechanic went through the entire car for two weeks from brakes,exhaust,to carb plus locating new two new window stainless flippers which are usually bent right after they were new at ($500.00) that were bent when I acquired the car.
I have well over a real $36000.00 in it with time and labor and parts . .
I really want to sell it quickly ..No disappointments..You'll really enjoy this rare car.

“This excellent car shows very low 44,000 miles which I do believe is correct.Old door stickers also fall in line with its originality.It was sold new by TUCKER Oldsmobile in St Louis Mo by owner Percy Tucker who passed away in March 1994.I have never seen a more original one in decades.Please note; The spare tire is new and was in the trunk when I purchased it several years ago.It doesn't match the nice set on the ground with wide whitewalls.”
Year: 1954 Mileage: 44,000
Interior Color: Red and Grey Make: Oldsmobile
Number of Cylinders: 8 Model: Ninety-Eight
Vehicle Title: Clear For Sale By: owner
Exterior Color: Black