stock photo, mine is 1992 black with gray cladding- -- -pictures coming tomorrow- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --I bought this typhoon just for its eye appeal. As I have owned a few Grand Nationals (87 & 84)and a 87 Yugo. So this isn't my 1st fast vehicle, its my 3rd. I had always assumed that the Typhoon used the same drivetrain as the GN's, and I never had the opportunity to see for myself. Until now, yes indeed they are different, as its a 4.3L that's turbo'd. The last 4 months I have been repairing any issues I thought it needed. But it has turned into a project that has knocked a dent in my retirement for sure. I wasn't planning on selling it anytime soon, as I kinda considered it an investment. New shocks f&r, new front axles, new front wheel hubs, new front calipers, new pads f&r, new loaded upper control arms, new lower sway bar bushings, new inner/outer tie rods etc. The trans has 4k miles since its rebuild by previous owner. And I have more parts ordered that haven't came in yet (a/c line, oil cooler hose) but will be installed when they arrive. Again, this Typhoon is a keeper & I will be just fine if it doesn't sale. But I would think, with it bearing its #0032 badge, which btw is a super low production number on a already low production made vehicle. I wanna say it is 1 of 130 typhoons made in 1992 that have the same color combo. Also this is possibly the lowest number (0032) Typhoon to be offered for sale in 15or more years. If you played sports or drive a race car, now or back in the day, and the number 32 means something to you, wouldn't it be cool to have #32 Typhoon in your collection? Just something to think of. OK - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -Let get down to brass tacks- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ----Write down this VIN and have your OWN independent Car Fax ran. The carfax that ebay has supplied with my auction, has left out a very important service date. That, in my opinion & apparently the previous owner to this typhoons opinion, sets the record straight as to the mileage differences. The date that isn't shown on ebays car fax says vehicle serviced on 1/22/2007 and it shows the mileage to be 135,940. The first sign of any unusual mileage hike doesn't show up on ebays car fax until 6/30/2007, 13 months after it showed to have 27,077 miles. And in my opinion, still a stretch,but probably would be enough time to accumulate those extra miles. You have to order your own Car Fax to see the date of service that is missing, and that it was only 8 months after it reported 27k. Im not sure why, but it is printed on the report im holding. If you are a serious player on this typhoon, by all means get one ran for yourself. I of course would/could text/email the copy I have to you, whatever you feel comfortable with. The speedometer currently reads 63,374,and it has in fact, been altered to read just that, as I was told. If you run the report, you will see a service date on 1/22/2007, where it showed to have 135,940 miles. Thats 108,863 more miles than it showed on 5/15/2006, a meer 8 months & 7days eariler. Follow me here--- I did the math, that's a rough average of 12,959 miles driven per month, for those 8 months&7days.(depends if you divide 108k by 8 or 8.3 or 8.4) I used 8.4. That's 3,240 miles driven per week. If he drove it 6 days a week for those 8months & 7 days, he would have to average 540 miles a day. (205) 597-9179mycell Im not sure if this is a important fact to know,but its owner, at the time the mystery miles appeared, owned a 2nd typhoon. Whats even more confusing is Car Fax doesn't really show an owner from 9/15/2004 thru 6/01/2009. Look, I do not believe a new car, much less at the time the miles appeared, a 15 year old temperamental typhoon, could be driven 108,863 miles is such a short time, come'on. Do you? This Typhoon is 26 years old. The Car Fax ebay has supplied, can attest for 25years & 4 months of those 26. As it shows it averaged 1,919 miles driven per year for the 1st 14 years. And that it averaged 2,476 miles per year the last 11.4 or so years. Its this 8 month&7 day, burst of steam it got, at a time CNN reported Georgia had set a state record for the price per gallon of 87octane gas( and the typhoon run on 89minumum)The cluster had to of been switched out, maybe with the 2nd typhoon the owner had at the time. Or it was just sold and replaced with a higher mileage speedometer, to make the other typhoon appear more desirable. Its bullsh*t I know, but think about it, and make up your own mind. It took me 3 or 4 days of anger until I called the guy that sold me this typhoon. As I wanted to get his explanation as to why the car fax I just purchased for it claims it to have nearly 100k more than the cluster shows. He told me to claim down & to sit down with the report & listen, which I did. After an hour or so on the phone & another call back, it became crystal clear & made sense to me. All I can do, is ask you to decide if you think a 14year old(at the time) turbocharged vehicle, not a semi truck, could be driven 108k in only 8 months time- - -- -- -- ---I bet that was some black oil, if it was an oil change he got on 1/22/2007. haha No sir, this typhoon is tight. And its a shame folks do stuff to mislead others. I have a good reputation selling cars & I plan on keeping it that way. As Karma is not a myth~~~~~~~~~~thanks for looking, phone number below

“good cond, and will be a dream to drive this summer when the a/c parts I ordered arrive tomorrow. actual pictures will be posted Tuesday 4/17”
Year: 1992 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1GDCT18Z7N0810032
Mileage: 63,374 Make: GMC
Vehicle Title: Clear Model: Typhoon
Options: Cassette Player, Leather Seats Engine: turbo'd 4.3L factory underated @ 280hp 360tq